Frozen Grilled Galbi (Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs ) - 16 oz

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$20.95 / pk
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Origin : USA
Storage : Frozen

Introducing K-BBQ Style Frozen Grilled Beef Galbi, a tantalizing fusion of Korean barbecue tradition and modern convenience. This Galbi features succulent beef ribs, expertly marinated in a signature blend of Korean spices and seasonings, then flame-grilled to perfection, locking in the rich flavors and tender juiciness. 

Versatile and easy to prepare, the Frozen Grilled Beef Galbi can be cooked on the stovetop, in the oven, or on the grill, making it perfect for any cooking preference or occasion. Serve it with steamed rice, fresh vegetables, and traditional Korean side dishes for a complete and satisfying meal.