To simplify your selection, we exclusively offer the finest salmon varieties, highly regarded by fine dining chefs and versed palates alike. Our chosen provider is Bakkafrost from the Faroe Islands, renowned for its sustainability practices and the pristine waters along the fjords of northern Denmark. The salmon produced through their farming methods closely resembles wild salmon in both taste and texture.

Bakkafrost's cultivation techniques not only guarantee optimal flavor but also ensure that the salmon is rich in health benefits such as Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as protein, vitamins, and minerals.

We currently offerthe following types of salmon:

King Salmon

King salmon, also known as Chinook salmon, is prized for its high fat content, giving it a rich, buttery texture and a full-bodied flavor. Its large, moist flakes and high oil content make it exceptionally well-suited for grilling, broiling, or raw preparations like sushi and sashimi. Chinook King salmon is highly prized and is considered one of the highest quality salmon varieties available.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon is known for its mild flavor and medium-firm texture. It is versatile and works well for a variety of cooking methods including baking, grilling, and pan-searing. With its widespread availability, moderate fat content, and subtle flavor, Atlantic salmon fillets remains a popular choice for a wide range of dishes, from salads to main courses.

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon is leaner than Atlantic and King salmon but is renowned for its rich, robust flavor and vibrant red color. It has a firmer texture and is excellent for grilling, broiling, or pan-searing. Its bold flavor stands up well to strong seasonings and spices, making it a favorite for those who prefer a more pronounced salmon flavor.


Trout is a freshwater fish with a mild, delicate flavor and a tender, flaky texture. It's higher in fat than many other fish, giving it a rich and buttery mouthfeel when cooked. Trout can be pan-seared, grilled, baked, or even smoked, and its versatility makes it a great option for a variety of dishes.