Frozen Salted Sockeye Salmon Fillet (Alaska, Skin on) - 2.5lb - 3 lb

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$64.95 / pc
$64.95 / pc
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Origin : Alaska
Storage : Frozen
Weight : Sold as 2.5 lb. Due to the inherent variations in size, weight, and shape of fish, there may be differences in the pieces you receive.

Introducing Frozen Salted Sockeye Salmon Fillet, sourced from the pristine waters of Alaska and expertly prepared to tantalize your taste buds. With the skin left on to preserve its natural flavors and nutrients, this premium fillet offers a culinary experience like no other.

Caught from the icy waters of Alaska, this Sockeye Salmon boasts vibrant color and rich flavor, enhanced by a delicate salting process that locks in its freshness. Each fillet is carefully hand-selected to ensure the highest quality, providing you with a taste of the wild from the comfort of your home.

Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, our Sockeye Salmon Fillet not only delights your palate but also provides essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Conveniently frozen to preserve its quality, it's ready to elevate your culinary creations whenever inspiration strikes.

Ideal for grilling, baking, or pan-searing, our Frozen Salted Sockeye Salmon Fillet is incredibly versatile, allowing you to create gourmet meals with ease. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, its firm texture and succulent taste make it a standout ingredient in any dish.