Fresh Bluefin Tuna Saku (Sashimi Quality - Akami) - 0.4 ~ 0.6 lb

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$30.95 / pc
$30.95 / pc
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Origin : Mediterranean
Storage : fresh/fridge
Weight : Sold as 0.4 ~ 0.6 lb, our hand-cut product may vary in weight due to the artisanal cutting process.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Discover the essence of sushi excellence with our Sushi Quality Bluefin Tuna Akami.
Akami, known for its deep red color and firm texture, embodies the true essence of traditional sushi. Each slice of our Bluefin Tuna Akami showcases the perfect balance of flavor and texture, delivering a clean and refreshing taste that sushi aficionados crave.

Packed with protein and essential nutrients, our Sushi Quality Bluefin Tuna Akami not only delights the palate but also offers exceptional nutritional value. Indulge in the rich flavor and satisfying texture of premium Akami, and experience the true essence of sushi-grade excellence.
Our Bluefin Tuna Akami is ideal for creating a variety of sushi delicacies, including nigiri, sashimi, and sushi rolls. Whether you're a seasoned sushi chef or an adventurous home cook, our Akami elevates your culinary creations with its exceptional quality and freshness.