Frozen Anago (Conger Eel) - 8.82 oz

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$18.95 / pk
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Origin : Korea
Storage : Frozen

Introducing our Frozen Anago, also known as Conger Eel, a gourmet delicacy that brings the unique flavor of eel straight to your table with convenience and quality. Carefully sourced and expertly frozen to preserve its freshness, each piece of Anago offers a delightful taste experience that's both delicious and versatile.

Packed with protein and essential nutrients, our Frozen Anago not only tantalizes the taste buds but also provides a nutritious addition to your diet. Whether you're a sushi enthusiast or a home cook looking to explore new flavors, our premium conger eel fillets are sure to impress with their superior quality and flavor.

Our Frozen Anago features tender, succulent eel fillets that have been meticulously prepared and then frozen to lock in their delicate flavor. With their delicate texture and sweet, savory taste, they are perfect for sushi rolls, nigiri, or as a standalone dish.