Frozen Lobster Meat (Claw, Knuckle, Leg) - 2 lb

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$120.95 / pk
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Origin : Canada
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Weight : 2 lb
Introducing our Frozen Lobster Meat, a luxurious seafood offering that brings the exquisite taste of lobster to your table with convenience and quality. Our lobster meat is sourced from premium lobsters and meticulously prepared to include a combination of claw, knuckle, and leg meat, offering a variety of textures and flavors in every bite.

Packed with protein and essential nutrients, our Frozen Lobster Meat provides a nutritious and indulgent option for your meals. With the convenience of being pre-cooked and frozen, it's ready to be thawed and enjoyed in your favorite recipes with minimal effort.
Each piece of Frozen Lobster Meat is expertly processed and frozen to preserve its freshness, ensuring that you experience the rich, sweet taste of lobster anytime you desire. With its tender texture and succulent flavor, it's perfect for a wide range of culinary creations, from lobster rolls and salads to pasta dishes and risottos.