Frozen Shime Saba Kobujime (Marinated Mackerel with Kelp) Sushi quality - 170 g

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$12.95 / pk
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Introducing Frozen Shime Saba Kobujime – a culinary masterpiece that combines the rich flavors of mackerel with the subtle essence of kelp. Handcrafted with precision and care, this delicacy promises to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

This Shime Saba Kobujime begins with the finest mackerel, sourced from pristine waters and expertly prepared to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Each fillet is meticulously marinated preserved with premium kelp, infusing it with a unique depth of flavor and a hint of umami goodness.

With its firm texture and rich, savory taste, our Frozen Shime Saba Kobujime is a versatile ingredient that lends itself perfectly to a variety of culinary creations. Whether served as sashimi, nigiri, or incorporated into sushi rolls and salads, its exquisite flavor profile is sure to leave a lasting impression.