Frozen Shrimp Tempura (Pre-cooked) - 60pc (2.5 lb)

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$33.95 / pk
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Origin : Vietman
Storage : Frozen
Introducing the Frozen Shrimp Tempura, a delightful Japanese-inspired dish that brings the crispy, savory flavors of tempura straight to your table with convenience and quality. Each shrimp is expertly pre-cooked and coated in a light, crispy batter, offering a delicious and satisfying dining experience.

Packed with protein and essential nutrients, the Frozen Shrimp Tempura not only satisfies your cravings but also provides a nutritious addition to your diet. With the convenience of being pre-cooked and frozen, it's ready to be heated and enjoyed in minutes, offering a delicious and hassle-free meal option.
The Frozen Shrimp Tempura features plump, juicy shrimp enveloped in a golden, crispy coating, creating a perfect balance of texture and flavor. Whether served as an appetizer, part of a bento box, or as a topping for sushi rolls, it's sure to be a hit with seafood lovers and fans of Japanese cuisine.